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31 August 2016 /Mark Benson

Published in IoT Innovator:

ABSTRACT: Although it has been known under different names over many years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is suddenly the thing. The ability to connect, remotely manage, and monitor networked devices via the Internet is becoming pervasive. And the incredible rate at which IoT is growing has simultaneously created one of the biggest threats and opportunities for growth in recent memory. However, building an IoT solution is complicated. Sensors, short-range RF networks, gateways, security concerns, web services, information technology (IT) maintenance and monitoring, web and mobile application development, and enterprise integration are all parts of the system that must be solved. Enterprises seeking to enter the IoT space often have expertise in building durable goods, but not networking, sensor networks, or IT. Additionally, these enterprises are often very diverse, with numerous divisions, product families, and business models that only further complicate the already-complicated world of IoT. This piece outlines a nine-step sequence to enable diverse enterprises to create a clear IoT strategy that cuts through the noise and complexity, and establishes a common framework that can be leveraged by connected product families across an organization.