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29 August 2019 /Mark Benson

2019 CIO Synergy in Minneapolis

Presented as part of the Predictions Panel at CIO Synergy in Minneapolis, an invitation-only event for CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs, to share ideas, current trends, and future insights.

ABSTRACT: This presentation outlines three predictions for the coming year.

First, conversational AI and the quest for better context will drive the accelerated integration of ecosystems. Increasingly, business success hinges on a company’s ability to create seamless, enjoyable experiences across disparate touchpoints. As these digital experiences become a major differentiator, savvy IT leaders are redefining their roles within the enterprise to focus on driving business value. Rather than protecting risks and reacting to emergencies, successful IT leaders will proactively enable the business to deliver value to customers across myriad digital touchpoints.

Second, the demand for lower latency and better cost performance of IoT cloud platforms will pace edge/fog computing trends. In the IoT platform space, companies at the top compete on market share, features, performance, and brand differentiation. However, the long tail of IoT competes primarily on price. What’s true for every company in this space is that efficiency (lower latencies, lower cost) are necessary to compete in a meaningful way. Because of this, there is a move towards edge/fog computing. IT leaders in organizations that are adopting IoT are uniquely positioned to drive change in adoption of cloud technologies for emerging business objectives like IoT, and start expanding knowledge and influence into edge devices.

Finally, the drive for better analytics and intelligence about customers combined with growing privacy concerns and regulations will create further competitive separation for companies that leverage data to not only to streamline their business, but to create more engaging user experiences. IT leaders are in a unique position to lead the business through the necessary changes to get there.