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07 June 2017 /Mark Benson

Mark Benson presenting at the University of Minnesota as part of the Technological Leadership Institute

Presented along with Andy Bochman and Ken Hoyme at the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute on how organizations can build a sustainable cyber-physical competency, and the critical role that cross-functional leaders play in driving change.

ABSTRACT: The Internet of Things represents a new set of security threats to organizations looking to build a connected product portfolio. These organizations cannot afford the damage that will inevitably result from insecure technologies and practices — the consequences of failure are too high, not only for the performance of the business, but for the protection of personal privacy, safety, and security for its customers. This presentation examines the role of technology leaders in building a sustainable cyber-physical security competency at their organization that balances business concerns, technology constraints, and user needs in a cross-functional way.