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28 September 2016 /Mark Benson

2016 Sensors Expo Midwest in Chicago

Presented at Sensors Midwest in Chicago, IL:

ABSTRACT: IoT device fleets are becoming more pervasive. As devices are becoming connected to the Internet, new possibilities for how to use the data for aftermarket services are opening up. For any IoT solution, there are steps of maturity that occur in sequence: (1) connected, (2) managed, and (3) optimized. Data analytics maturity mirrors these three steps: (1) when devices are connected we can get some descriptive data about them; (2) when devices are managed, we can generate predictive analytics on them to figure out what might happen in the future such as with a motor failure; and (3) we can optimize devices and user interactions by using prescriptive analytics to provide closed loop feedback. This session will lay out the foundations of data analytics and how remote sensing technology can enable a new class of after service-delivery business models.