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01 February 2014 /Mark Benson

Presented at the 2014 M2M Evolution conference in Miami, CA, by Mark Benson.

ABSTRACT: Our world is changing. Devices all around us are becoming connected to the Internet. It is estimated that by 2020, 50-75 billion devices will be connected to the Internet – that’s ten devices for each person on earth. Many of these devices are high volume cell phones and tablets (mass production for vertical markets), but most are specialized products like appliances, toys, fitness trackers, environmental sensors, and industrial assets (mass customization for micro-vertical markets). In order for the Internet of Things to fully mature, these specialized connected products that will make up the backbone of the new connected economy, will ship in relatively low volumes (< 500,000 units) and must be easier and cheaper to make than they are today. To solve for this, a Micro-Vertical Engine approach is presented, which provides a process and set of reusable connected building blocks (hardware, firmware, networking, cloud, enterprise integrations, and user interfaces) that together can enable OEMs to rapidly deploy market-disrupting innovations that change users lives.

A video of the presentation can be found here.