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21 April 2017 /Mark Benson

The Road to Organizational IoT Competence

Honored to be published in Forbes this week on how organizations can build an IoT competency.

The Road To Unconscious Competence

In the field of psychology, the “conscious competence” learning model describes how individuals move from incompetence to competence in a certain subject area as they move from unconscious incompetence (naiveté about the competency deficit) to conscious incompetence (acknowledgment that there is competency deficit) to conscious competence (demonstrated competency through a concerted effort) to unconscious competence (competency as second nature).

This same model of “conscious competence” is true for organizations faced with the task of digital transformation through smart connected products, a visual depiction of which appears here.

There is no shortcut to mastery. Identification of gaps followed by planning, execution, growth and institutionalization of process and behavior are necessary waypoints on the journey to IoT competency.