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15 September 2016 /Mark Benson

I'm honored to be participating this year at the 2016 Minnesota Water Technology Summit at the US Bank Stadium on the topic IoT and Water Management along with Tom Arata (Ecolab), Pat Cardiff (Grande Cheese), John Dustman (Summit Envirosolutions), and Jen Nowlin (Accredent).

ABSTRACT: Internet of Things (IoT) technology is rapidly infiltrating into water systems, products and infrastructure to enhance monitoring capabilities, process efficiency and customer service across the entire water industry. This panel session will bring technology, business, manufacturing and engineering experts together to present and discuss water solutions that have been implemented and are scalable today, that will be leading water management best practices for the future. 

Specifically, I'll be presenting two use cases on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling intelligent remote monitoring of industrial water usage and treatment in factories as well as remote monitoring of water maker performance on commercial shipping vessels and luxury yachts.