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06 May 2014 /Mark Benson

I just released Dapper, a publishing tool for static websites. Dapper is a simple but powerful static website generator written in Perl. Dapper makes it easy to develop locally and deploy your site to Amazon S3 directly. It works great for corporate, portfolio, or personal websites and blogs.

Dapper was first written in 2002 to facilitate the creation of a series of static websites that each had their own look and feel, but shared textual content. Since then, Dapper has been used to create websites for speakers, artists, authors, illusionists, web designers, piano tuners, photographers, entertainment agencies, and API documentation for industrial sensing equipment. Additionally, I use it to publish this site.

In Dapper, content for pages or posts are written in Markdown. Meta information is accomplished with YAML, and templates are implemented using the TT3 mini-language.

Dapper is distributed as a perl module and comes with a command-line application called dapper which you can use to create static websites. Example:

$ cpanm App::Dapper # Install
$ dapper init       # Initialize current directory with new site
$ dapper serve      # Build and serve locally at http://localhost:8000

Other features include:

  • Filters
  • Includes
  • Macros
  • Blocks
  • Footnotes
  • Built-in development webserver
  • Advanced whitespace chomping
  • Easy instructions for publishing to Amazon S3 or Github Pages